Private Hospital Development Team Continues to Make Progress


Guam – The Guam Healthcare & Hospital Development Foundation is reporting progress in its efforts to build a private hospital for the island.

Foundation President Pete Sgro says the facility will be called the “Guam Regional Medical Center.”

He reports the following  progress in recent months.

· The site selection process took about 8 months with close to 20 different properties considered by Hospital Land Use Consultants. A hospital cannot be built anywhere with significant consideration given to current water, waste water and power systems and future plans for water, waste water and power system upgrades. The site is composed of three lots that are located at the corner of Marine Drive and Route 3.

*The hospital development team agreed with a request from family members that own the property to provide and erect a statue, memorial or an equivalent form of recognition at the development team’s sole expense, that is respectful and appropriate in recognizing the families’ ancestors, heritage and culture. The statue, memorial or an equivalent form of recognition will be placed in a manner and area within the property that is consistent with the design of the hospital and in an open area allowed under the zoning laws of Guam, such as a garden area, and in a manner that will allow hospital management to comply with patient safety standards.”

* Site selection considerations also considered private financing requirements, especially after global financial crisis, with leasing of property becoming less attractive for a project of this magnitude from a financing perspective.

* Pre-design programming already stated including calculating most cost effective options for power supply such as connecting to grid or outsourcing power and power back-up systems through Design-Build-Finance-Maintenance options through  a company with expertise in developing power plants for hospitals on the mainland. Under this option, responsibility for not just design, building and financing, but also maintaining power and power back-up systems creates greater accountability through one entity that has proven to foster patient care and safety

*  Pre-design programming started with initial stages of discussions on filtration systems and design concepts to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases within the hospital facility.

*  Construction material procurement strategies completed to help mitigate the realities of construction cost increases of about 15% a year on Guam as a result of the military build-up.

*  Medical equipment purchasing options underway including bulk purchase options and leasing options.

*  Medical equipment maintenance strategies on-going to create a maintenance strategy to allow for technicians from manufactures to be on Guam within 24 hours should there be any maintenance issues with any purchased or leased equipment.

Guam Healthcare & Hospital Development Foundation