Private Security Guard Pulled; GPD Now Providing Security for Ballot Boxes


Guam – The Executive Director of the Guam Elections Commission John Blas says that the private security Guard who had been standing outside the GEC offices inside the GCIC building has been withdrawn.

Blas told PNC News Friday that the Denanche Security guard was replaced by a Guam Police Officer last evening who stood guard overnight until 8 am this morning [Friday] outside the room where the election ballot boxes are stored.

The Calvo-Tenorio team hired the security guard.

“Any security that the Guam Election Commission feels that is needed  for our ballot’s is with the Guam Police Department. And in making calls, speaking with the acting Chief efforts were co-ordinated and we did have the Guam Police Officer here yesterday evening who actually stood post guarding our conference room until 8 o’clock this morning.”

Blas said that the GPD is only providing security overnight, there was no need for security during working hours because he and his staff are there watching over the ballot boxes. A determination will be made later today whether a GPD Police Officer would be assigned to guard the boxes over the weekend.

The Calvo-Tenorio team hired Denanche Security to safe-guard the ballot boxes and Denanche Security guards followed the ballot boxes from the UOG Field house Wednesday morning down to the GEC Offices.

Blas said that in speaking with the Attorney for the Calvo-Tenorio team, Tom Fisher, “I advised him that any additional security, other than GCIC security  would need to go through management here at GCIC management.”

Whether or not a Guam Police Guard will be needed tonight and through the weekend will depend on whether the GEC Board certifies the Tuesday Election results or calls for a re-count.