Private tutoring school issuing fraud diplomas with GDOE, GCC insignias

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

Guam – The Guam Department of Education is dismissing fraud diplomas in their latest cautionary release.

An organization by the name of B.A.M. Private Tutoring School has been issuing degrees and certificates with GDOE’s insignia and the superintendent’s name. BAM is believed to have charged bright-eyed students around $300 for its services.

Guam Community College President Mary Okada told News Talk K57 Mornings with Patti listeners that her school has received two or three of these unauthorized documents in recent months.

In a separate call to GDOE’s Jon Fernandez, the education superintendent said his department has issued a cease and desist letter to certain individuals affiliated with B.A.M., one of which may be a part of his personnel.

He also confirmed that the matter has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for review so as to prevent more eager innocents from partaking of their services. Fernandez further commented that he’ll allow the private tutoring center to make its case, but as of now, his department is not endorsing their documents.

Okada reminds the public that the Guam Community College offers high school equivalency programs and adult education tracks.