Programmatic Agreement Open House Thursday


Guam – The Department of Defense is hosting a public hearing Thursday to take questions and commnet on the impact of the military buildup on Guam’s Historic properties, , including Pågat and Mt. Lamlam.  An official from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation is also on island to attend the public hearing.

DoD has planned for over 180 construction projects on Guam related to the proposed military build-up.

DoD has admitted that several of these projects will directly and indirectly affect properties that are culturally and historically important. Many of these projects will be in areas where the historical and cultural significance is still unknown.

The purpose of  public hearings and the Programmatic Agreement are DoD’s attempts to follow Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, a law that requires federal agencies to consider the effects that its actions will have on historic properties.  Although the Record of Decision was issued last month, DoD has yet to finish the Section 106 process.   

*We Are Guahan organizing “Heritage Hikes: Tungo’ i Estoriå-ta”
As part of its continued efforts to engage and educate the community on the impacts of the proposed buildup, We Are Guåhan is sponsoring “Heritage Hikes: Tungo’ i Estoriå-ta” throughout the month of November. These hikes will focus on sites that will be affected by the proposed buildup (Pågat and Mount Lamlam), as well as historic sites that were previously threatened by proposed military expansion (Cetti and Sella Bay).

Professor Michael Lujan Bevacqua will be giving information on the history of each site throughout the hike.
The schedule is as follows:
November 6, 2010 – Pågat Village (Meet at Pågat trailhead along The Back Road)
November 13, 2010 – Cetti / Sella Bay (Meet at Cetti Bay parking lot)
November 20, 2010 – Mt. Lamlam (Meet at Sella Bay parking lot)

The show-time for all hikes is 8:30am, go-time 9:00am.  More information is available at

If you have questions about the Heritage Hikes, contact