Progress made in Bergeron investigation

Rachelle Bergeron, assistant Attorney General of the State of Yap, was shot dead on Monday, Oct 14 (Photo from the Yap State Government Public Information Service)

A spokesperson for the Yap State Government said they have made progress with the investigation on the shooting death of Rachelle Bergeron, the state’s acting attorney general.

Investigators have already questioned several persons of interest on their possible involvement in the shooting but no arrests have been made so far, according to Constantine Yobalaw, the director of Civic Affairs for the Yap State Government.

At this time, Yobalaw said he believes the team has made progress and is just working through the material evidence and statements gathered during the past few days.

Bergeron and her dog were shot on Monday night, Oct 14 in the small Micronesian state after returning from a daily run.

After the shooting, the FSM state Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a joint investigation on the incident.