Progress made on opening of new homeless shelter

The Global Dorm government of Guam homeless facility in Maite. (PNC file photo)

Progress is being made on GovGuam’s goal of opening a new congregate shelter for the homeless.

The Interagency on Homelessness and Office of Homelessness Assistance and Poverty Prevention held a meeting where it was announced that GovGuam would pay for flood insurance for a new non-congregate homeless shelter.

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In March, GovGuam was awarded $3 million for just such a shelter.

However, in June, the project hit a snag.

Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority director Ray Topasna said that they were trying to determine if federal funds could be used to pay for flood insurance.

The proposed site for the new shelter is in a flood zone.

During the meeting, Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio said that flood insurance could not be paid by a federal grant and so the local government will foot the bill.

Topasna said that they should be getting a quote soon from Moylan’s Insurance.

The non-congregate shelter was proposed because the Global Dorm in Maite is full to capacity.

During the meeting, Rob San Agustin, a program director with the Lieutenant Governor’s office, gave an update on the Global Dorm’s numbers.

As of August 4th, the Global Dorm currently houses 170 people and 103 of those are children.

There is also a waitlist of 47 households totaling 106 individuals and 81 of those individuals are children aged 10 and below.