Proposed Child Care License Fees Unchanged From Current Fee Schedule


Guam – Child Care License fees remain unchanged from last year according to information given during a public hearing on the fee schedules this morning.

The public hearing was held by the Bureau of Social Services Administration (BOSSA), an agency within the Division of Public Welfare of the Department of Public Health and Social Services.

According to information distributed during the hearing license fees for Family Day Care are $5 for New, Renewal, Amended or Provisional Licenses.

License Fees for Child Care Facilities are as follows: $175 for a New License,. $200 for a Renewal License, $35 for a Duplicate License, $120 for an amended License, $175 for a Provisional New License and $200 for a Provisional Renewal License.

Licenses for Residential Treatment Facilities are set at $25 for New, Renewal, Duplicate, Amended or Provisional Licenses.

All GovGuam departments and agencies that administer and collect fees for government services are required to conduct a public hearing on existing fee schedules under 3131, Division 1, Chapter 3 Title 5 of the Guam Code Annotated.

Copies of license fees are available for pick up at the BOSSA office.  For more information contact Elizabeth Ignacio or Lerma Duarosan at 475-2653/2672.