Proposed make-up calendar for middle and high school GACS students revealed


Around nine make-up dates were selected, some of those days include holidays.

Guam – The leadership of Guahan Academy Charter School convened last night to discuss over-occupancy, the controversial delays in the school year, and their proposed make-up days.

After a highly criticized start to the school year, the charter school finally re-opened this week, but even the re-opening was fraught with concerns from stakeholders.

One parent accused the school administrators of cherry picking students for dis-enrollment.

Others took to social media to lambaste the school for their frequent delays.

With this in mind, GACS Board of Trustees and administrators convened last night to settle on a game plan for the upcoming year.

PTO members questioned the board and asked for the reasons behind the multiple delays facing the school.

GACS Board Counsel Marilyn Manibusan responded: “The truth is that we were told that we were going to get occupancy and we have several inspector groups. So, one group from this particular agency said this is what you need to do. But then, a second group comes in.”

Manibusan and other board members lamented that they were not aware of the various inspection regulations as it changed with various inspection agencies. The initial start date of the school year was originally slated for late August. However, school did not officially begin until earlier this week.

To address the instructional hours missed, the board also proposed a make-up calendar for middle and high school students. Around nine make-up dates were selected, some of those days include holidays.

The next PTO meeting scheduled is for October 12th.  The board promised to provide the master plan for the GACS campus.

They also made it clear that they are in fact encouraging parents to express any and all concerns at this meeting.