Protesters against lockdown hold rally despite extension of governor’s order


On Thursday, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero announced the extension of her stay-at-home order but protesters continued to congregate late afternoon at the Chamorro Village for a rally that calls for an end to the lockdown.

Last week, posts announcing the “People’s Protest” spread across social media platforms, encouraging the community to “speak out against the lockdown.”

Protesters were encouraged to socially distance and wear masks.

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In an earlier interview, Jeff Pleadwell of Jeff’s Pirates Cove says they’re hoping for close to 1000 people so that with arms outstretched, they could reach Adelup.

“We are here to support the end of the lockdown..opening up Guam…getting life get back to normal and allowing people to go to work….allowing people to leave their homes…to use the beaches…to get out and exercise together…congregate…to enjoy life on a tropical island,” Pleadwell said.

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Protesters in the Chamorro Village rally Thursday afternoon could be seen waving the American flag and signs saying “What’s the plan” and “Give us a plan”.