Protocols tightened in homeless facility after discovery of COVID cases

The Global Dorm government of Guam homeless facility in Maite. (PNC file photo)

Following the identification of several COVID-19 positive individuals at the Global Dorm in Maite, Catholic Social Services, which provides case management and shelter monitoring for the shelter, tightened its protocols.

Nine members of an extended family staying at the government homeless shelter in Maite tested positive for COVID-19. The number includes five children.

The confirmed cases were identified through a coordinated outreach effort by Public Health at the Guam Global Dorm site.

Paula Perez Siguenza, CSS Deputy Director — in an interview with K57’s Patti Arroyo —- provided more information on the protocols followed by the shelter. She says residents are not allowed to roam around the facility and are reminded constantly of the expectations for those who are being housed at the shelter. While they are not required to get tested, residents are quarantined after signing up at the shelter.

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“That’s not a requirement…our priority is families with children because it is a hotel and they can like self-quarantine in their room. So for the first 14 days that they come in, they are in their own room just like with anybody else. It is just like self-quarantine,” Siguenza said.

After the 9 individuals tested positive, they were taken to the government quarantine facility in Tumon and the dorm was disinfected.

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“The entire Global Dorm was sanitized already. Homeland made sure that that happened pretty quickly. The positive cases were all moved to the government quarantine site and then sanitation was done,” Siguenza said.

The positive individuals will return to Global Dorm after they are cleared for COVID-19.