Prugråman Salappe’


Applications for Prugråman Salåppe’ are due to go live Tuesday, March 15. The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration will be accepting applications until April 15.

PNC’s Ceejay Pilarca has more on this story…

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In a press conference, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero explained how the extension of this program has also seen an expansion. However, unlike its predecessor, this program will see the awarding of a one-time payment of $300 rather than $100 every month for three months.

To qualify, said Leon Guerrero, households would need to meet certain eligibility requirements. For one, an applicant must reside in Guam for at least 6 months and meet income limits posted on the screen.

According to the Governor, the funding source for this program is fluid and she said if need be, she could allocate funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Director of the Department of Administration Edward Birn reports that this is the first time the Administration has made this undertaking, but that they have learned how to approach it from past programs, such as the ERA. Birn estimates that the program will cost anywhere between 18 m and 21 m dollars.

He also reports they will be paying out the funds electronically and by checks, remarking that electronic payments will come in more quickly.

Furthermore, DOA Deputy Director Bernadine Gines reports that applicants will receive the $300 14 days after their application is approved.

Leon Guerrero acknowledges Prugraman Salappe’ is a short-term solution to the rise in oil costs, especially in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and she is currently working with GRTA to bring electric buses and electric school buses in Guam.

To apply for the program on March 15, visit the DOA website at

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