Prutehi Litekyan group optimistic after meeting with Governor


Guam – After meeting with Governor Eddie Calvo last week the group Prutehi Litekyan (Protect Ritidian) is optimistic about the chances of preventing a firing range from being put at the Northwest field that overlooks the Ritidian Wildlife Refuge.

Prutehi Litekyan member Sabina Flores says they presented the Governor with the results of their online petition which included comments from various community organizations. Flores says they are opposed to the firing range because of the environmental damage it will cause like the destruction of thousands of acres of native forest which is home to many endangered species including the Hayun Lagu which is an endangered endemic tree. In fact, the Hayun Lagu in the Northwest field is the only one of its kind left on Guam. “We’re talking about the extinction of species we’re talking about the damage to our water resource we’re talking about the desecration of our burials. Our ancestral burials. So, it’s one that’s been recognized this firing range has been recognized even by the military as one of the ones that would cause the most adverse impacts. And so, we need to speak up we need to stop this from happening before the bulldozers come in and start destroying it,” said Flores.

Flores says that the Governor showed genuine concern during their meeting and she’s hopeful that the Governor will be able to do something to stop the firing range from being built at Ritidian.