Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian to hold candlelight vigil at Ritidian Overlook

Location of the ancient village of Måguak. (contributed photo)

In the wake of numerous clearings of entire CHamoru villages that hold sacred ancestral burials, Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian (PLSR) is organizing a community candlelight vigil and ceremony to pay respect to those who were disturbed in their final places of rest and the land that has been violently scarred as a result of the construction of the new marine base over the ancient village of Måguak.

The ceremony will feature a handful of speakers who will highlight the history of CHamoru burials, Måguak, Finegayan, and Litekyan.

“The loss of more than 900 football fields of native land to buildup construction is a grave loss for Guahan, and along with the impacts to our land, there is a deep sense of alarm about the ways CHamoru graves are being treated and the lack of information being shared with our community in that regard,” said PLSR member Maria Hernandez. “We are also coming together to honor the source of life that lies below the land clearings: our Northern Guam Lens Aquifer. Without this aquifer, 80-90% of our community would not have access to clean drinking water. We should be concerned about the ways our aquifer will be impacted by 6.7 million lead bullets shot above it per year. We look forward to our community coming together in reverence of these special parts of our history and identity.”

Safety is a priority. Social distancing and mask-wearing will be enforced. Residents are also asked to bring water and candles or lights. To ensure there is ample parking, please carpool.

The community candlelight vigil and ceremony will be held from 5 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Apr. 10 at the Ritidian Overlook.

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