PUA Overpayment Waivers Dealines August 1st

GDOL PUA processing center (PNC file photo)

The Deadline draws near for PUA overpayment waivers.The last day to file is Monday August 1st.

After being open for over a year – along with a 2-week extension to the deadline, individuals who received overpayments from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program will have until August 1st to apply and submit an application for a waiver of overpayment.

So far, the Guam Department of Labor has approved Over $850,000 in PUA waivers in July – with the lines to file now shrinking.

Applications can be found online at dol.guam.gov and submitted through email at pua.waivers@dol.guam.gov.

DOL Director – Dave Dell’isola is encouraging people to stop by the GCIC building, as employees will be able to assist should individuals have any questions.

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Director Dell’isola said, “I’ve noticed the crowds have dwindled down a little bit, not like before I extended it, that’s good news, we wanted to give everybody the opportunity for non fraud overpayments to come in and file a claim.”

Individuals can also apply in-person at the Guam Department of Labor office on the 8th floor of the GCIC Building in Hagåtña.