Public Auditor denies appeal of renewable energy phaseII contract


The Public Auditor has denied the appeal filed regarding the Guam Power Authority’s award of its Renewable Energy Resource Phase II project.

Guam – According to a release from the Public Auditor the Shanghai Electric Power Japan co. ltd and Terra Energy inc. Or SEPJ filed an appeal after GPA denied their protest of the contract. The company protested GPA’s award of the contract to the Hanwha Energy Corporation. In their appeal SEPJ claims that GPA’s acceptance of Hanwha bids violated the invitation for bids. They also claim that when GPA doubled the size of the procurement from 60 megawatts to 120 megawatts of renewable energy they should have rebid the contract. They also say that a crucial portion of the bid specifications were “ambiguous and unfair.” However, the Public Auditor has not sided with SEPJ and has denied their appeal.