Public Comment Notice For Atantano Landfill Permit To Be Released In August


Guam- The Guam Environmental Protection Agency is close to issuing out a public comment notice on the Guam Resource Recovery Partners (GRRP) draft operating permit for the Atantano landfill site in Santa Rita.

After going through the final stages of internal review for the draft permit, Guam EPA Administrator Ivan Quinata says they should be done at the end of this month. He also anticipates a public notice to be issued sometime in August for a public hearing. Quinata explains the public comment period is 45 days. Within that time frame, he adds they will speak with the Santa Rita Mayor to schedule a town hall meeting in that village to discuss the permit process.

“The operating permit will be issued basically based on the comments we received during that 45 day comment period” said Quinata. “And if the comments are significant, then of course we will have to address that in the draft operating permit and we have to go back out again for another hearing with that…but that’s only if the comments are significant.”

GRRP has anxiously awaited the release of this operating permit. Most recently, Project Coordinator David Sablan says they want to also take over the Layon landfill while they move forward with a new Waste to Energy contract for the area they refer to as Guatali.