Public Defender wins not guilty verdict for client accused of criminal sexual conduct

The Guam Public Defender Service (PNC file photo)

On Tuesday, March 16, a jury of 12 returned unanimous verdicts on three counts of criminal sexual conduct against Guam Public Defender Service Corporation’s (PDSC)
client, Duane Dungca.

In July of 2020, Dungca was charged with two counts of first-degree and three counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, both as first-degree felonies. After the jury heard all the evidence over a 6-day period, they found Dungca not guilty on all charges.

The trial was held in the Supreme Court of Guam courtroom which has been modified to accommodate social distancing requirements due to COVID19.

The attorney for the defendant, PDSC Executive Director, Stephen P. Hattori, represented Dungca during the trial.

During closing arguments, Hattori thanked the jury for their service to the people of Guam. “The jury understood the dangers of serving during this pandemic and they accepted their duty and performed very well,” Hattori stated.

After the verdict was read, Dungca and his family thanked the PDSC team for standing behind him and his family during this difficult time. Dungca also thanked the jurors and the Court on behalf of his family.

Executive Director Hattori further states, “the trial may be over, but now the rest of their lives begin. We will make sure that this family has the necessary tools to start the healing process.”

The Guam Public Defender Service Corporation, as a part of its efforts to provide holistic defense, has a social worker that will work with the family to begin the lengthy process
of bringing the family back together. Mr. Dungca was released from jail and has returned home.

The matter will be expunged from his record.

(PDSC News Release)