Public Health approves GDOE ISA track and field guidelines

Inter-scholastic track and field (PNC photo)

After a short discussion with the Department of Public Health and Social Services, Guam Department of Education’s Deputy Superintendent of Educational Support and Community Learning, Erika Cruz confirmed that Friday’s track and field competitions were good to go.

“We are happy to say that all the hard work and weeks of planning by our ISA League Board of Control is reaping its benefits,” Cruz said Thursday afternoon. “Our guidelines to keep the student-athletes safe and the commitment of all our coaches and officials will go a long way in providing safe and healthy competition at the meet tonight.”

An earlier write-up from a Guam media outlet stated that Interscholastic Sports Association’s League Director Al Garrido had misinterpreted the guidelines, but Cruz got confirmation from DPHSS that the meet is confirmed and good to go.

“I guess a ‘concerned’ parent called the media and wanted to verify if we were following the guidelines or whether the track meet should be halted,” said Garrido. “Well, I’m glad that the parent’s concerns are now answered, and I invite them to get on the list of invited spectators – no more than 50 – to be able to witness the hard work of our athletes. As they say in the Olympics – ‘Let the games begin!’”

The ISA held its first-ever track meet on Thursday between the Guam Adventist Academy, the GW Geckos, the Father Duenas Friars/Academy of Our Lady of Guam, and the Simon Sanchez Sharks.

Some of the ISA guidelines include:

• All teams will be separated around the track and will have designated bleachers and following protocols including putting masks on when not participating.

• Athletes will only be together for events.

• Athletes will only leave their team area when called or to warm up.

• Each race and/or field event will NOT have more than 50 participants at any time.

• Athletes will report to the event to compete, then report back to their bleacher.

• All coaches and non-participants will have masks on.

• No more than 50 spectators will be allowed – so each team will be allowed 10 spectators maximum.

• There will be a constant announcement to remind people of protocols and to stay in their respective areas.

• Officials and coaches are all trained to help navigate guidelines.

(GDOE Release)