Public Health asks construction companies to have their workers tested for COVID-19

Department of Public Health and Social Services (PNC file photo)

After a major COVID cluster at Black Construction, the Department of Public Health and Social Services says it’s reaching out to other construction companies to get their employees tested.

The construction giant announced yesterday that some 300 workers living in their barracks tested positive for COVID-19.

The main source of infection was actually a local skilled labor worker NOT living in the barracks.

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Since Black has subcontractors and vendors that they work with, Public Health says it’s arranging for every single one to be tested.

Janela Carrera, the spokesperson for Guam Public Health, says that while they’re not aware of other construction companies having confirmed positives, they are doing their due diligence.

“We are reaching out to other construction companies to see if they’ll work with us just so we can be proactive in testing them as well, just to see if there may also be positive cases there as well. We do know that the spread within Black Construction was so large, although it’s contained because it’s not community spread, but we just want to make sure it hasn’t reached other construction companies,” Carrera said.

Black Construction halted work on millions of dollars worth of projects yesterday because of the enormous amount of confirmed COVID-positives.

Public Health and AMC Clinic say there was no interaction with the community and this is an isolated cluster.