Public Health Employee Busted for Dealing ICE at WIC Office


Vera Del Rosario’s work space contained drug paraphernalia, according to police.

Guam – An employee of the Department of Public Health and Social Services was arrested after being accused of dealing drugs while at work.

Vera Marie Del Rosario, 53, is an employee of DPHSS’ Women, Infant and Children or WIC program, which provides nutritional assistance to low-income families.

According to a magistrate complaint, Del Rosario was bringing methamphetamine or the drug ice to work and dealing it out of her work space.

Authorities received a tip about Del Rosario and were able to obtain a search warrant for her vehicle. Police followed Del Rosario to work and arrested her after finding ice and drug paraphernalia in her vehicle. They also found drug paraphernalia inside Del Rosario’s work space and her home. 

The drugs tested presumptive positive for ice.

Del Rosario was charged with possession of a schedule II controlled substance as well as possession with intent to deliver.