Public Health encourages alternative celebrations of Halloween

Department of Public Health and Social Services (PNC file photo)

Though there are still no set public plans for Halloween, the Department of Public Health and Social Services highly encourages island residents to celebrate in alternative ways without needing to go outdoors.

Public Health Spokesperson Janela Carerra went on air with K57’s Patti Arroyo, saying that Public Health is currently discussing how island residents can celebrate while following CDC guidelines. She also gives ideas on what families can do in the meantime.

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“These alternative celebrations could be, you know, again, decorating your house, decorating your pumpkins, posting pictures … you know … maybe a contest of the best dressed, that could just be done virtually, amongst your friends, instead of going outdoors,” Carerra said.

She added: “I know GPD is also planning to look into this as well. I think the community will be wary about Halloween. They themselves may not want to go out and trick or treat as well, so we’ll see how this Halloween goes. This is the first Halloween since COVID hit, we’ll see how many people want to be out there trick or treating.”

Carrera says that hopefully, they will have more information either within the next few days to possibly next week. Until then, Public Health will continue to put out messaging for low risk, alternative activities on their social media as Halloween comes closer.