VIDEO: Public Health Cites SH for Violations; But Can Not Say Whether Pancit Was Spoiled


Guam – The Department of Public Health cited SH Enterprises Thursday for a number of violations after the food preparer delivered more than 150 pancit meals to 4 senior centers Wednesday which officials at the centers said was spoiled.




Public Health’s Environmental Health Supervisor Ron Carangdang went to SH Thursday morning to examine how they prepare, service and transport their food products.

He says SH “received a few violations for potentially hazardous food, not meeting the time and temperature based on temperature abuse … also, the transporting of food products…they had a few discrepancies or violations. And also the equipment being used to transport the food product.”

Public Health inspectors also went to the 4 senior centers on Wednesday afternoon but Carangdang could not conclusively say whether the food SH delivered was spoiled or not. He says they arrived at the centers after 3 p.m. and examined the pancit that was delivered but he said no spoiled smell was detected.

Sinajana Mayor Roke Blas reported Wednesday that 70 spoiled meals were delivered to the Agat senior center, 52 to Sinajana, 21 to Agana Heights and 13 to the Santa Rita center. No seniors ate the food and and no one became sick.

Carangdang says the investigation into the spoiled meals is ongoing.

In the meantime, SH Enterprises has been given a “B” rating, until it corrects its violations. He says this was the first time, to his knowledge, that the vendor has been cited.