Public Health issues dengue warning

Dengue is spread by mosquitoes. (file photo)

The Department of Public Health and Social Services is warning that several neighboring islands within the Pacific that are experiencing outbreaks of dengue fever, which is a mosquito-borne disease.

According to DPHSS, the Republic of Palau has a dengue serotype 3 outbreak with 486 cases and one death and the Philippines has more than 146,000 cases and 622 deaths. The Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) has also reported a dengue serotype 3 outbreak.

In addition, DPHSS has been notified of one suspect case of imported dengue fever on Guam and is pending laboratory results for confirmation. While Guam is free of endemic mosquito-borne diseases, DPHSS it is not uncommon to have imported cases from returning residents or travelers.

DPHSS warned that people traveling to the Philippines, Palau, or RMI should be vigilant about taking precautions and preventing mosquito bites.

The principal symptoms of dengue fever are high fever, severe headache, severe pain behind the eyes, joint pain, muscle and bone pain, rash, and mild bleeding usually around nose or gums.

Generally, younger children and those with their first dengue infection have a milder illness thanm older children and adults.