DPHSS: Banned Korean Shellfish Pulled From 6 More Stores


Guam – The Department of Public Health and Scocial Services [DPHSS] is reporting that 6 more island grocery stores have been found carrying the now banned Korean Shellfish products.

Public Health’s Division of Environmental Quality is actively inspecting stores islandwide to be sure that all banned Korean shellfish products have been removed from the shelves.  An evaluation by the federal Food and Drug Administration recently concluded that Korean shellfish products no longer meet U.S. sanitation standards because they may have been exposed to fecal matter in the waters off Korea where the shellfish are harvested.

This past Wednesday, Public Health inspectors reported finding the banned products at:

1.  American Grocery in Dededo
2.  San Jose Supermarket in Maite
3.  New Happy Mart in Barrigada
4.  Agat Kim Chee Store
5.  Yona 7 Day Supermarket
6.  California Mart in Tamuning

And on Friday, Public Health reported that banned Korean shellfish products were found at 6 additional stores:

7.  La Familia in Dededo
8.  Park’s Market in Dededo
9.  UR Market in Dededo
10. Song Market in Mangilao
11. Payless Supermarket in Agana Shopping Center
12. Island Fresh (IGA) in Chalan Pago.

All of the retailers co-operated in the removal of the products from their shelves. Those products are:

* Geisha Whole Oysters in Water (Net Wt. 8 oz./225 g);
* Crown Prince Whole Oysters in Water (Net Wt. 8 oz./226 g);
* Asian Style Instant Noodle Hot Taste Yeul Ramen (Net Wt. 4.23 oz./120 g);
* California Girl Oysters Ostiones (Net Wt. 8 oz./224 g);
* Frozen Oyster (I.Q.F.) (Net Wt. 8 oz./226 g);
* Nong Shim Cham-Pong Noodle Soup (Net Wt. 4.37 oz./124 g);
* Nong Shim Neoguri Udon Type Noodles Mild Seafood (Net Wt. 4.23 oz./120 g);
* Nong Shim Neoguri Noodle Soup Udon Seafood & Spicy (Net Wt. 4.23 oz./120 g);
* Nong Shim Oriental Style Noodle Seafood Ram Yun (Net Wt. 4.41 oz./125 g);
* Ottogi Delicious Spinach & Soybean Paste Soup (Net Wt. 1.26 oz./36 g);
* Ottogi Delicious Seaweed Soup (Net Wt. 0.63 oz./18 g); and
* Sempio Seafood Noodle Soup Hot & Spicy (Net Wt. 7.50 oz./212.5 g).

Public Health also advises that 2 additional products have now been added to the  list of banned products:

* Nong Shim Oriental Style Noodle Big Bowl Noodle (Shrimp Flavor) – (Net Wt. 4.05 oz. /115 g); and
* Nong Shim Spicy Seafood Champong Noodle Soup – (Net Wt. 2.46 oz. /70 g)

Public Health recommends food distributors, retailers, and eateries remove from sale or service, all fresh, frozen, and processed (including canned) Korean molluscan shellfish such as oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops, and any product containing these items.

Consumers are encouraged to check the labels of food products that may contain shellfish to ensure it is not of Korean origin.  Molluscan shellfish from Korea and products made with molluscan shellfish from Korea should not be consumed. 

Guam Public Kealth says they have not received any local reports of illnesses associated with eating Korean shellfish but they advise Guam consumers who have purchased any shellfish products from Korea to dispose of the product immediately.

For any questions, please contact the Division of Environmental Health at 735-7221.