Public Health Says Final Draft for Medical Marijuana Should Be Done By End of the Month


There is finally some sort of answer on when the final rules and regulations for medical marijuana will be complete.

Guam – Public Health Director James Gilan says that the final rules and regulations for Medical marijuana on Guam should be done by the end of this month,.

There is finally some sort of answer on when the final rules and regulations for medical marijuana will be complete.

“There’s two attorneys looking at it, they are being very careful. We are thinking that probably by the end of this month, when I did the meeting with the staffer this morning, she says we are almost at it but its not gonna be any much shorter than the original version is,” said Gilan.


But there is a caveat. According to Gilan, the rules and regulation will travel to the Gov’s office and legislature, where there will likely be more public hearings. Gilan says this back and forth with the rules and regulations can be difficult to deal with because all the work put into drafting the rules and regulations could be completely changed by the time it comes out of the legislature.


“Now we spend a few months on glossing it, and polishing it, getting it ready. Its gonna go to the legislature eventually and the product that comes out of that, i have no idea what that’s gonna look like. That’s where I don’t understand why we go through the process of going through all these hearings when the legislature can reserve the right to change the whole thing,” said Gilan.


Gilan says he doesn’t think the legislature will have any problems with the final draft however. Gilan also addressed concerns that the high cost of the fees in the proposed regulations will only benefit a few people here on Guam.


“We’ve heard that argument, that so called conspiracy theory that we are writing these regs cause there are just a couple of people in this and were gonna guarantee they’ll get it, I will tell you this any person that’s ever talked to me about any of this, I say to them if you are a potential applicant for a permit for any part of this, I’m not talking to you,” said Gilan. “If there’s anybody out there that conspiring…I don’t know.”


Faced with concerns from voters, specifically women, Senator Tina-Muna Barnes recently said she will introduce legislation to decriminalize medical marijuana due to the lagging rules and regulation. Gilan agrees that medical marijuana could indeed help patients here on Guam, bringing up the story of one-year-old baby Javen Pizarro, who suffers from debilitating seizures.


“We were hoping also that someone would be developing CBD, so that we could try and see if we could help children with seizure disorders, there was that story two weeks ago. Poor guy that’s going over to the Philippines for nutrition, he could have benefited from something like that but we wont know so,” said Gilan.