Public Health targeted COVID testing continues in Yigo for a 2nd day

Community outreach COVID-19 testing (PNC file photo)

Public Health’s Rapid Engagement Team began its second day of testing in Yigo Friday morning.

Originally scheduled for two days, they say they’ll come back as many days as necessary to complete their mission.

The goal is to test every house in the Gil Baza and Zero Down subdivisions.

The Rapid Engagement Team is approaching the area by lots. They visited 45 lots yesterday.

Each lot tends to have between two and three houses. Of the houses visited yesterday, no one was home in 10 of them.

The testing is voluntary and some people did refuse to be tested.

Out of 124 samples collected, 48 of them tested positive. That’s a 39% test-positive rate.

Public Health spokesperson Janela Carrera says that the long days have been challenging for the people involved but the Rapid Engagement Team remains committed to the effort.

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“You know we were here for long hours..out in the sun..out in the rain..going door to door. We took as many breaks as we could..but we’re very dedicated to the work we do. Public Health is a calling. It’s a passion. In order to do this type of really have to put your heart into it. It’s not for everyone..but those who really are called to serve, they’re very dedicated to the mission. And that mission is to protect the lives of people,” Carrera said.

Drive-thru testing will be held at the Yigo gym tomorrow as part of the effort. Public Health is working with the FSM Consulate General to coordinate the event.