GovGuam holding a pandemic plan review Wednesday & Thursday this week at the Pacific Star

Department of Public Health and Social Services (PNC file photo)

As part of continued multi-agency response efforts, the Department of Public Health and Social Services is hosting a Guam Pandemic Plan Review working session on Wednesday, March 4 and Thursday, March 5, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Pacific Star Resort.

The purpose of the working session is to enhance Guam’s capabilities in response to COVID-19.

On Wednesday, March 4, there will be remarks from key leadership, before the technical groups break out to tackle the work of reviewing and adapting the plan.

Meanwhile, the Guam Department of Education (GDOE) issued additional guidance to employees and stakeholders on Friday regarding the GDOE travel prohibitions.

The guidance clarified information about personal travel, medical travel, transit, and employees and students who are returning from countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19.