Public Health to weed out defective coronavirus test kits

(CDC photo)

Guam will soon receive test kits for the novel coronavirus from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. However, several states have reported that the kits they received were faulty.

The tests would examine respiratory specimens from people showing symptoms of the disease to determine whether the virus is present.

The CDC says that some of the coronavirus test kits sent to several states showed inconclusive results, rather than false negative or false positive results.

Because Guam is set to receive these kits, Public Health Director Linda DeNorcey says that the agency will verify whether the tests are functional once they are shipped to the island. She says that each kit can examine around 400 specimens.

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“All we have to do is, once we get the kits, we have to run a validation test on it. It’s like a quality control measure. And once it validates, it’ll work. Some kits … they don’t know which ones work. Some may not. So if it doesn’t work, we have to let CDC know right away and they’ll send us another corrected version,” DeNorcey in an interview with K-57’s Andrea Pellacani.

DeNorcey adds that even without the kits, testing for the novel coronavirus can still be done by gathering a sample from the patient and sending the specimen off-island for evaluation. Results from this method would come back within three days.