Public Health updates guidance on quarantining rules; no changes for incoming travelers

Department of Public Health and Social Services (PNC file photo)

Public Health has issued its updated guidance on quarantining rules, hoping to clarify any confusion surrounding the Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s new executive order.

Essentially very little is updated in the way of quarantining.

Travelers will still not be allowed to home-quarantine unless given a specific exemption from Public Health before their arrival.

Janela Carrera, the department’s spokesperson says as of now, unless the court rules otherwise in a case, everyone needs to quarantine in a GovGuam facility.

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“We updated the section about unaccompanied minors and that was to comply with the judge’s order. So, unaccompanied minors traveling into Guam now will go straight to home quarantine provided that they have a legal guardian or parent to meet them at the airport and sign a volunteer quarantine form on behalf of the minor,” Carrera said.

She added: “The other thing too that we updated in this quarantine protocol is we are notifying passengers of their right to legal counsel. Also, for critical care workers and essential health care providers, if they’re traveling with their spouse or dependents and their spouse or dependent has a negative COVID-19 test, then they’re allowed to go to home quarantine or their rental lodging with them.”

Carrera says they’re looking into ways to ease quarantine by using technology.

She says they’re hoping in the next weeks or months, they’ll be able to shorten the length of quarantine using contact-tracing and symptom monitoring apps.