Public Health worked with Utah family to resolve quarantine issue

Jayme Alsup Ellis (Facebook photo)

Guam made national headlines yet again when the relatives of a woman who died here came to recover her body and ended up stuck in quarantine.

A 37-year-old mother of three who followed her husband to Guam for his job this summer died suddenly last Monday.

Relatives of the woman, Jayme Alsup Ellis, asked GovGuam for some sort of alternative quarantine so they could comfort Ellis’ husband Preston and their three children who are all younger than six years old.

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Department of Public Health and Social Services spokesperson Janela Carrera says the government worked with the family to resolve the matter although she can’t release details of the agreement.

“What I can say is that we have been in touch with the family…we’ve been working with the family and we did find a solution that meets all the parties’ needs,” Carrera said.

Ellis went to the hospital after she began throwing up and had a fever. She went to the Guam Regional Medical Center ER in stable condition and was given a COVID-19 test which came back negative.

Her husband and children couldn’t join her in the hospital because of rules with the ongoing pandemic.

Later that day, a hospital official called Ellis’ husband to inform him that she had died…

Carrera says although the government understands it’s a difficult time for the family, it was important to follow certain procedures to ensure the safety of the community.

“It’s hard to balance what the interests are when it comes to protecting the entire public. We’ve caught over 120 positive cases in quarantine. We continue to get positive cases in quarantine including young children. And so we’re trying to do our best as far as accommodating those in quarantine,” Carrera said.

PNC News has reached out to Ellis’ extended family from Utah but has not heard back as of newstime.