Public Health’s Latest Updates on COVID-19


A few months past the start of the year and Public Officials remind the community that although Covid infection numbers have lowered enough, Covid will never go away.

There haven’t been any verified Covid related deaths since Feb. 12th, however, there was a small uptick in the elderly community according to Public Health’s territorial epidemiologist, Dr. Ann Pobutsky.

Pobutsky said that like influenza, Covid will never go away and it’s vital to get continuous vaccination to increase prevention.

“Here’s our SARS-COVID pandemic and Covid is not gonna go away. Influenza has not gone away, that’s why we have Influenza shots every year, right. So we’re still gonna be watching what’s happening with the variants and with Covid cases. We don’t know if something bad will happen but that’s just a little treat to show you that Covid is gonna be like Influenza. It’s still gonna be around. It’s still around right now.”

Dr. Robert Leon Guerrero, Public Health’s Chief Medical Officer, asked the community to continue getting their vaccinations “We still can catch Covid and we still can die from it, but if you are vaccinated and do proper precautions it’s less likely,”

Given the recent spread of more contagious and dangerous variants, vaccinations are vitally important.