Public Hearing at CSC Wednesday June 5th on GPD’s Proposed Increase in 9 Fees Charged by Records & ID Section


Guam – The Guam Police Department will conduct a Public Hearing next week, Wednesday, June 5, on the proposed fee increase to 9 fees for clearances and licenses issued by GPD’s Records and ID Section.

The public hearing will be held at the Civil Service Commission’s Public Hearing Room at 777 Route 4 in Sinajana, from 1pm to 3pm. Following the public hearing, Legislative approval will still be needed for the propsoed increases.

On May 20th, Police Chief Fred Bordallo approved the revised recommendation from GPD’s “Fee Adjustment Committee.”

READ the Fee Adjustment Committee’s report HERE  

Among the higher fees recommended by the Committee are a $8-dollar increase from $7-dollars now to $15-dollars for a Police Clearance; a $14-dollar increase for fingerprinting from $20-dollars now to $34-dollars; and an $18-dollar increase for a Non-Concealed Firearms permit from $25-dollars now to $43-dollars. [see the full list of recommended increases below].

In his letter recommending the fee increases to GPD Chief Fred Bordallo, Fee Committee Chairman,  Lt. Andrew B. Quitugua points out that the “average annual administrative cost for the Records and Identification is $937,530.43” however, on average, it generates only $544,712.34 annually, $392,818.09 less than what it costs to run the Section.