Public Hearing for Resolution 343-36 was Held Yesterday

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To expand veterans’ access to home caregivers, the Guam Legislature held a public hearing for Resolution 343-36 yesterday. Senator Telena Nelson said, “For the passage of H.R. 6823, the Elizabeth Dole Home and community-based services for Veterans and Caregivers Act of 2022, which seeks to expand veterans’ access to home caregivers by providing a critical investment in caregiver support.”

In addition to addressing home health aid shortages; providing respite care, comprehensive assistance for family caregivers, and Medicare’s pace program; Resolution 343-36 will also raise VA to pay for nursing home care.

Senator Nelson said, “This act seeks to raise the cap on how much veteran affairs can pay for the cost of home care from 65% of the cost of nursing home care to 100%.”

Tim Aguon–Director of the Office of Veteran Affairs and Lucy Perez–Head of Veteran’s Health were in support of the resolution.

Aguon said, “And I’m in support of the resolution for two reasons. I, myself was a primary. My wife and I were primary caregivers for my sister who unfortunately passed away last November, so I understand the challenges of home care.”

Perez added, “Families have to work several jobs just to keep their benefits to keep their households in check to be able to provide for their families. So being able to take care or hire a caregiver is for some–far-reaching. It’s almost equivalent to a mortgage.”

Families and veterans can apply at Once approved based on eligibility standards, caregivers of individuals can receive their stipends.

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