Public hearing held for CNMI CHC Board nominees


With three seats still vacant in the CNMI’s Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation Board, CNMI Gov. Ralph Torres’ nominees get their public hearing.

CNMI – The remaining three individuals appointed to the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation governing board by CNMI Gov. Ralph Torres make their case at a public hearing this morning in Senate chambers. Members of the community speaking in support of longtime social and healthcare worker and executive director of Karidat Charity, Lauri Ogumoro, former Nursing Director Leticia Reyes, and former Deputy Secretary for Public Health David Rosario.

“Ms. Ogumoro stands from on decisions she makes and believes. And focuses on decisions that not only benefit a specific group or person, but to benefit an entire community,” Saipan resident Alicia Deleon Guerrero said during the hearing.

Governor Torres’s two previous appointments to the five member board — Dr. Larry Hocog and Tinian Center Resident Director William Cing — have already been confirmed by the Senate.

Commonwealth Cancer Association Program Manager Juan Babauta also came out in support of all three nominees. 

“The board is ultimately responsible for ensuring the corporation carries out its work properly and successfully,” Commonwealth Cancer Association program Manager Juan Babauta said.

Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna, who is off-island, submitted a letter of support for all three nominees. The board’s role as a governing body is made possible with the controversial passing of Public Law 19-78 last year.