Public Hearing into Fernandez’ Firing Scheduled


The hearing’s 9 a.m. start time prevents many DOE stakeholders from attending.

Guam – The long-awaited public hearing to discuss why public school Superintendent Jon Fernandez should be fired has been scheduled.  It’s been more than four months since Fernandez first left the Department of Education, first on administrative leave amidst sexual harassment allegations.  Then, early last month, six Guam Education Board members successfully voted to terminate his contract.


According to GEB legal counsel Gary Gumataotao, a bill of particulars: a document that lists fireable offenses found in an investigation he led, will be presented at the hearing.  PNC first brought details of some of what’s alleged, including an affair Fernandez had that ended with a wrongful termination, several failures to launch Title IX investigations.  Fernandez will also be afforded the opportunity to address the board.



Though the hearing will be public, many DOE stakeholders, like students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff, will not be able to attend.  It is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. on Monday, November 21.