Public invited to review supplemental EIS for the Mariana Islands Training and Testing


The U.S. Navy has completed a final supplemental environmental impact statement for training and testing in the Mariana Islands.

The Navy is proposing to continue training and testing at sea and on Farallon de Medinilla.

Proposed activities are similar to those occurring here for decades and are crucial for military readiness and national defense.

The supplement examined the kind of training activities that have occurred in the Study Area for decades by providing an updated assessment of the potential environmental impacts associated with the use of sonar during ongoing at-sea training exercises, test firing range and bombing exercises at and on Farallon de Medinilla, as well as other naval testing activities within the Mariana Islands Training and Testing area.

The Navy evaluated new, relevant information that only became available after the release of the 2015 MITT. That new information includes more recent marine mammal density data and new scientific information.

The updated EIS is needed to support the Navy’s request for federal regulatory permits and authorizations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act.

This EIS is NOT associated with any of the ongoing activities associated with the Guam military buildup.

The completion of the analysis follows years of research, stakeholder engagement, and public involvement. The Navy is not proposing any changes to land-based activities on Guam and the CNMI, the Navy will continue to rely on the analysis in the 2015 Mariana Islands final environmental impact statement for those activities.

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