Public Safety Officials Urge Motorists To Obey Traffic Signs & Drive Defensively


Guam – Less than two months into the year, the Guam Highway Patrol Division has already recorded four traffic fatalities, two of which have occurred in the past two days. This recent spike in automobile pedestrian accidents has prompted public safety officials to collectively urge caution to motorists as they traverse Guam’s highways and roads.
“Earlier this morning, I was saddened to find out that our island’s roads claimed the life of yet another pedestrian. I offer my condolences to the family and urge the people of Guam to practice caution and common sense while driving on our roads. Pedestrians and motorists must be cognizant of traffic rules and road conditions so that these types of accidents don’t happen in the future,” said Acting Governor Ray Tenorio.

“I believe that serious injuries from accidents can be avoided if we comply with the traffic laws and use caution by driving defensively. Please follow the posted speed limits, and be aware of the conditions of the roadways,” said Chief Fred Bordallo from the Guam Police Department.

“We are encouraging motorists to be mindful of pedestrians crossing Guam’s roads by yielding to them. We also ask for all pedestrians to use extra precaution by utilizing crosswalks, following the crosswalk signal and looking both ways before proceeding.  Pedestrians should not challenge any vehicle in its path and the motorist should not take for granted that their vehicle will stop,” said Chief Doris Aguero from the Port Authority Police.

“The Airport Police would like to remind everyone to please drive safely during rainy weather and at night because of limited visibility. Our roads can be extremely slippery and speeding adds to the accident risk.  You need to give yourself enough time and space to react to a potential accident,” said Chief Robert Camacho from the Airport Police.