PUC approves reduction in fuel surcharge; average power bills should fall by $25


During its monthly meeting last night, Thursday, 26 March, the Guam Public Utilities Commission (GPUC) approved the Guam Power Authority’s (GPA) recommendation to lower GPA customer power bills by further reducing the Levelized Energy Adjustment Clause (LEAC) on GPA’s customers’ monthly energy statements to $0.110039 /kWh; a decrease of 18.2% from the current LEAC rate.

“The adjustment is to lower the LEAC through the remainder of the current LEAC period which is February 1, 2020 through to July 31, 2020. GPA intends to take action, so that power bill reductions become effective for GPA billings of power meters read beginning April 1, 2020,” stated GPA General Manager John M. Benavente, P.E.

“GPA customers will see a 10.7% reduction on their overall residential customer bill; such that an average residential consumption of 1000 kWh will see a decrease of approximately $24.43 to that customer’s monthly bill,” explained Benavente. This would bring the total reduction to an average residential consumer’s bill down by about 18% on the total bill in comparison to January’s billing.

“The reduction of the LEAC rate has an impact of lowering the overall customer bill, as it is tied to fuel savings. GPA passes on these fuel savings to benefit all customers, which GPA is sure will be a help to customers during this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic,” continued Benavente.

“On behalf of the CCU, the management team and all of GPA, we sincerely appreciate the consideration of the GPUC to address promptly our request tonight. The working together of leadership, governance and regulation during this difficult time does much to serve the best interest of our community,” concluded Benavente.

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Editor’s note: Customers may view this information at www.guampowerauthority.com and on GPA’s Facebook page.