PUC Reduces Fuel Charge by 18.2%


Expect a lower power bill next month.

The Public Utilities Commission approved the Guam Power Authority’s request to reduce the fuel charge again, following a 10 percent cut two months ago. GPA originally asked for a 10 percent reduction, but PUC legal counsel Fred Horecky says because of the worldwide decrease in fuel prices, the commissioners decided last night for an 18.2 percent drop, which amounts to about $45 off an average customer’s power bill. 

He says, “If GPA is going to over-recover over $2 million during a LEAC period, this LEAC period is through February 1st through July 31st, then they can come back to the PUC and request a further adjustment so if they’re over-recovering which they may if fuel prices stay the same, there’s a possibility two to three months down the road, there could be another drop.”

Horecky says GPA will continue to monitor the fuel factor daily for an over-recovery.