PUC to Decide on Proposed 18.5% Increase in GPA’s Fuel Adjustment Charge TONIGHT


Guam – The public utilities commission is meeting tonight [Monday] to act on a request from GPA to raise the fuel adjustment charge by 17%.

Last month, the so called  LEAC Adjustment was approved by the Consolidated Commission on Utilities.

For the average residential customer who uses about 1-thousand kilowatt hours a month, your bill will go up about $36 dollars.

CCU Chairman Simon Sanchez says the price of crude is once again forcing an increase in the LEAC. Since last summer the price of crude has climbed steadily from the $60 dollar range to $85 to $90 dollars now, and he says it shows no sign of easing in the months ahead.

If the 17% increase is approved tonight, the rate increase would take effect tomorrow, February first.