PXC Takes a Stand Against Violence; “Lets Keep It in the Cage”


Guam –  In the mixed martial arts arena, competitors from around the world focus their time and energy honing their techniques through disciplined rigorous training.

Athletes train hard for the chance to respectably showcase and test their strengths, skills, endurance, and abilities in the octagon to fight for a place in the MMA rankings. For years, Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC) has featured the best professional fighters the Pacific region has to offer. While the action of a bout can be intense, it is not a game but a sport where competitors are equally matched to positively promote mixed martial artists and their disciplines.

PXC has work diligently to spread the message to the public that violence is not the answer. In 2007, PXC launched a public relations campaign to Keep it in the Cage”, a public service message featuring the biggest stars of the PXC talking to the public to stop the violence.

PXC actively supports any stand against violence and on May 10, 2013 at 4:30pm, the promoters and fighters will be walking out and taking a stand against violence and end the silence. PXC invites the public to walk out to the nearest road in your area on Guam and take a stand against violence. Everyone can do their part to put an end to the Silence and keep our Island Safe!

Take a stand and join the Random Women’s Rally (RaWR) and PXC this Friday, May 10th. For more information, please call 477-8917/8. We need to all play our part in keeping our island safe so let’s keep it in the Cage.