670 Civilian Employees on Base Are TakeCare Subscribers: Q & A With Navy


Guam – TakeCare’s largest subscriber group is made up of civilian employees of the island’s military bases,  670 civilians.


We asked Navy Spokeswoman Coleen San Nicolas-Perez a series of questions regarding the effect of the ongoing controversy on the civilian employees on base.

Q1:  What are your concerns now that GMH has decided to no longer accept Take Care, effective March 20?
A1:  GMH has announced that the Direct Payer Agreement will be terminated on March 20. Department of Navy employees who have elected Take Care as their insurance may still be treated at GMH. However, they will be required to present billing to Take Care for payment of covered services.

Q2:  Are you considering changing insurance providers as a result?
A2:  In the event the Direct Payer Agreement is terminated, the Office of Personnel Management will determine if a special open season is required.

Q3:  Who is effected?
A3:  Federal civilian employees and federal civilian retirees currently covered by Take Care will be affected by the termination of the Direct Payer

Q4:  How many members of the military community on Guam are Take Care subscribers?
A4:  Approximately 670 Navy civilian employees are currently covered by Take Care. Retirees are serviced through the Office of Personnel and Management.

 Q5:  What type of civilian employees?  Guam residents working on base?  Or statesiders assigned to Guam?
A6:  Both Guam residents working on base and stateside-hired civilian personnel that elected Take Care as their insurance carrier.