“Hu Hahasso Hao” Lets Deployed Guam Guard Members Know They Are Not Forgotten


Guam – Guam Guard members on duty overseas were remembered Sunday at an event that took place at the Agana Shopping Center.

The Bank of Guam and the Guam Guard’s Batallion Family Readiness Group organized an event called Hu Hahasso Hao, which means “Thinking of You” in Chamorro. 

Children created art pieces with messages of thanks and appreciation which will be sent to Guam soldiers deployed in Afghanistan.

Charlene Perez from the Guam National Guard said, “We have a lot of family and children who are not aware about deployment so we’re outreaching to our community as well. When they [children] found out that their artwork is going to sent to Afghanistan, their faces lit up! So we want to go ahead and keep promoting and asking the community to remember we have our soldiers out there”. 

The event was made possible by a grant from the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN).