“Chamorro” or “Guamanian”: Word Choice In Governor’s Speech Sparks Debate


Guam – Govenor Calvo’s State of The Island address Monday has sparked a debate about the use of the word Guamanian versus the word Chamorro. 

Senator Ben Pangelinan yesterday said the Governor’s use of the word Guamanian in his speech removed the indigenous Chamorro people.

“There’s no more Chamorros in the governor’s speeches he doesn’t think we exist anymore we’re all Guamanians, I beg to differ, I think we have 4 thousand years of history here and it can’t be erased by the last 20, 30, 40, 50 years of being Guamanian and so it’s sad we’re relegated in our own homeland by our own governor to the back of the bus,” Pangelinan told PNC.

A number of listeners called into the K57 Breakfast Show with Ray Gibson this morning to share their opinions on the Governor’s use of the word Guamanian. Governor Calvo was among the callers defending the use of the word.  He said “Guamanian” is inclusive of all people who live on Guam, those who are Chamorro and those who are not Chamorro.

“I represent Chamorro Guamanians, I represent Caucasian Guamanians, I represent Chinese Guamanians, I represent Japanese Guamanians, Korean Guamanians… I represent all Guamanians” the Governor said.  “As the Governor of Guam I have to represent all.”