“Concerned Citizen” Files Ethics Complaint Against Senator Tenorio Over Name Change


Guam – Harold Cruz who claims to be a concerned citizen has filed an ethics complaint against Senator and GOP Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Ray Tenorio over what Cruz claims is “unethical and fraudulent” acts relating to Tenorio’s name change.

Cruz filed the complaint with Speaker Won Pat’s office late Wednesday afternoon. He provided a copy to PNC News but declined an on camera interview and declined affiliation with the Gutierrez campaign.

The name change occurred 13 years ago in 1997 when Tenorio officially changed his name from Raymond Waddey Jr. by adopting his step-father’s name.

In his Ethics complaint Cruz claims that prior to the name change,  Tenorio signed legal documents under the name of  *Tenorio* rather than *Waddey.*  Cruz cites family legal documents and documents that Tenorio signed while he was a police officer. Cruz alleges in his complaint that the legality of those documents are in question because Tenorio did not use his then legal name. And Cruz also alleges that Tenorio’s actions constituted “unethical and fraudulent acts.”

In a statement to PNC News, the Legislature’s Minority Legal Counsel, Tom Fisher said that “The complaint has no merit and was generated for political reasons, clearly to benefit the Gutierrez-Aguon campaign, especially since Mr. Cruz is an active member of the Gutierrez-Aguon campaign.”

Ethics complaints filed with the Speaker are forwarded to the Ethics Committee which is Chaired by Democratic Senator and Gutierrez supporter Judi Guthertz.

As of this posting, a Spokesman at the Speaker’s Office did not know whether the complaint had been forwarded to the Ethics Committee. Senators Guthertz  and Won Pat were unavailable for comment on what would happen to the complaint.

The name change occurred well before Tenorio became a Senator and it is unclear whether the Ethics Committee will take up Cruz’s complaint.