“Deep Storage Project”- Danish Artis Gathers DNA Samples for Sculpture to Be Sunk Into the Marianas Trench


Guam – Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth has been collecting thousands of DNA samples from volunteers which he has placed inside a 20-foot star shaped sculpture that he plans on sinking into the Marianas Trench next month.

Hornsleth is calling it the “Deep Storage Project” and according to the project website the sculpture will be the first of a series to be “stored” at the bottom of the Marianas trench.
Hornsleth meet recently with UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood and University art professor Jose J. Babauta to talk about his project.

According to the website, the DNA samples were collected at 30 locations around the world at which roughly 5-thousand people donated hair and/or blood samples which have now been enclosed in the steel sculpture  

What does it all mean? The website provides this explanation:

“The Deep Storage Project is fighting back against the natural decay and erosion destroying all that we know and understand. People are embracing the ideals of the The Deep Storage Project, and in doing so, they are becoming a voice to be heard in the future.”  

Hornsleth is in Saipan this week where he is finalizing details for shipping his sculptor out to a point over the trench where his work of art will be dropped into the ocean.


Kristian von Hornsleth