“Guam 350” to Hold Wave for the Earth


Guam – GUAM 350 joins all 50 states, 47 registered European countries, 50 of 55 African nations, 23 of 28 Indian States, 18 out of 20 Latin American countries and every Australian state and territory in solidarity with the 350.org. and invites all people of Guam for the 10:10:10 WAVE FOR THE EARTH at 4:00 P.M. at the ITC Intersection, Tamuning.
Many scientists, climate experts and progressive national governments are now saying that 350 parts per million (ppm) is the safe upper limit for CO2 (carbon dioxide) in our atmosphere.   Accelerating arctic warming and other early climate impacts have led scientists to conclude that we are already above the safe zone at our current 391ppm, and that unless we are able to rapidly return to below 350ppm this century, we risk reaching tipping points and irreversible impacts.

An international campaign that’s building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis is focusing on the number 350 – as in parts per million of CO2.  But 350 is more than just a number – it’s a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.  In October of 2009, 350.org coordinated 5,200 simultaneous rallies and demonstrations in 181 countries, what CNN called the “most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.”  On 10/10/10 millions of people across the globe are getting to work solving the climate crisis.  The Global Work Party is uniting with global participants on 10/10/10 with ONE VOICE to encourage individuals, businesses, and big polluters all over the world to cut their emissions 10% in 2010.  

It was a busy year for GUAM 350’s first year.  GUAM 350 activities were mostly done by local Catholic Schools due to strong support of Mercy Schools and Father Duenas Administration groups.  It is important to raise everyone’s awareness on the effect of increased level of hydrocarbons in the earth’s atmospheres and the havoc it creates on global weather patterns.  GUAM 350 organizers, the Mercy Justice Committee, believe that we need to stop debating the issue and start working on solutions right now.  They helped sponsor activities like 350 formation by the Academy of Our Lady of Guam, Santa Barbara Catholic School and Saint Anthony Catholic School, 350 rosaries by the manamkos of Saint Dominic Senior Care Center, and the tree planting at Cetti Bay Reforestation Site.  Last December, at the Candlelight Vigil in support of Copenhagen Climate Summit, students from different Catholic schools and environmental supporters showed up in unity for this worthy cause at the Adelup Complex.

The Father Duenas Memorial School’s 180 (FDMS 180) is an environmental group formed by the students with goals and values aligned with 350 advocates driven by a passion for clean and safe island environment.  FDMS 180 with the support of Brian Galang, Ms. D. Lasrithammaavan and Cody Lizama, have conducted fundraising activities and applied for grants to purchase a turbine unit to power part of the school facility.

The work of GUAM 350 isn’t just good for the environment, it improves our public health, strengthens our island community, and makes the world a better place for everyone.   FOR MORE INFORMATION: call Edna Hardy @929-6888 or Brian Galang @483-7727.

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