“Keep Guam Good” Revived to Oppose For-Profit Bingo Initiative


Guam – An organization called “Keep Guam Good” has come together again to oppose Proposition A, the for profit Bingo initiative.


The group has called a new conference at the Sinajana Community Center for Tuesday morning at 11 to announce the official launch of their campaign against initiative.

Organizer, Benit Dungca, told PNC News in a phone interview that they oppose gambling and they have come together again “to protect our families and our community.”

Dungca said she and others supported the efforts of “Linatla Sin Casino” 4 years ago when they opposed an effort to permit casino gambling at the old Greyhound Park in Tamuning and they are now opposing the for-profit Bingo initiative.

“We are all anti-gamblers,” she said, “and we called each other to figure out what are we going to do to stop this.”

Dungca is a professor at UOG. She emphasized that her activities are un-related to her work at the University.