“Keep Your Guard Up” Aims to Find Jobs for Returning Guam Guard Members

Guam – The Guam National Guard, along with the government, educational institutions, and the private sector launches Operation Keep Your Guard Up for the deployed soldiers and airmen.

Out of the 600 Guard members deployed, 287 Soldiers and 6 Airmen of the Guam National Guard are currently tracked as unemployed. This new employment initiative called “Keep Your Guard Up” aims to help Guam soldiers return home to a community with opportunities ready for them. 

Governor Calvo said, “I made that promise that while they are out there in harm’s way protecting our lives and our lifestyle our ability to reach our full potential, that we would work hard here in the community to make it a better island so when they do come back, it’d be better off than when they left. That is our continued commitment. Now we also have to focus on them”. 

One of “Keep Your Guard Up’s” goals are to prepare the soldiers for a successful career through training and education. The plan is to train the soldiers and obtain certification in career fields such as welding, electrical, heavy equipment operation, or computer security offered at the Guam Community College. Other training courses include teaching soldiers how to create acceptable resumes and practicing for job interviews. 

“They can make a smooth transition from being men and women out that are out in the battlefield to transition to a home to a community where they can use their skills and talents to benefit themselves, their families and this community,” stated Governor Calvo. 

The duration of the program will consists of 90 days starting about late February to March next year with hopes of the successful reintegration of Guardsmen and their families.