AUDIO: “Negligence” Leads Governor to Replace GMH Management


Guam -New leaders will take the helm at Guam Memorial Hospital Friday morning.

Governor Eddie Calvo late this afternoon announced that he has invoked his Organic authority over GMH and relieve the board of its management.  The new management team at the hospital includes:

Rey M Vega  – Interim Hospital Administrator
Siva Karuppan – Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Larry Lizama – Medical Director

The new members of the Board of Trustee are Lee Webber, Frances Mantanono, Dr. Ricardo Terlaje, Albert Gurusamy and Dr. Edna Santos.

In an emergency address sent to the media today Calvo said the action follows a settlement that was awarded to a family to replace their 5-year old boy’s leg.  The leg was amputated to due negligence on the part of hospital according to Calvo.

Listen to Governor Calvo’s Emergency Address

“How many others have been hurt?  How many may have died?  All theses doubts end now,” said Calvo.  “Effective immediately, I am invoking my Organic authority over the hospital.  I have relieved the board of trustees of their duties and I want to thank them for their commitment to GMH. I have also removed the top level hospital management team.  A new board now is in place, pending legislative confirmation.  In the meantime, I have appointed an interim management team of professionals to begin fixing GMH.”

Calvo also said his administration will make sure that people at GMH are held accountable and will ensure that supplies and equipment needed to save lives will be available.